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  • Video Strategy

  • Online training 

  • Video marketing plan

  • Script writing

  • Editing

  • Ongoing technical support



Video subjects could include:

  • How to look after your pets on fireworks night.


  • Introducing your health plan

  • The importance of vaccinating your pet.

  • Top tips for transporting your cat.

  • How to clean your dog’s teeth.

  • Key hole spay – what is it and when do you need to do it.


Some of our clients

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Vet Video Club can help your business produce quality, authentic and very affordable video content from your practice every month.  


We will deliver a video which can be used in email newsletters, to embed in your website or add to your social media.This isn’t a generic advertising video, this is about you connecting with your clients on a local and personal level.


Using a standard smart phone, you or a member of your team will  film your content and talk to the camera about pet health care.  


Subjects to talk about could include:

  • How to calm down a stressed pet during firework season;

  • Checking for grass seeds;

  • The importance of dental treatments or

  • The benefits of vaccinations.


As you can imagine, the list is endless and we can produce anything you want.


We will help you to make it feel local and personal, reminding your clients about your team, what makes you different and why they should come to you. Our experienced producers will then edit the footage to make everything look professional. We will add your branding, licenced music, captions and send it back to you ready to use as widely as you like.



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